Saturday, May 21, 2011

A New Life in a New City

Wow who knew travelling alone  could be so terrifying. Even when everything is planned to the last detail there will always be something that goes wrong like missing your plane in London and getting lost in Heathrow airport. Or perhaps waiting for two hours for your shuttle to take you to your hotel and your not sure if they are even coming... small things like that that could scare a first time traveller shittless. My advice to those travelling away from home for the first time...DO NOT GO SO FAR AWAY!!! It is hard and scary and you will miss your family and fianc√©. However, I made it and I am finally in my host house and have met everyone here...the mom, Marielle and the two girls Charlotte and Coralie. They are all nice. So now to pass the time...I plan to fill my days with many activities to help them go quickly. Tomorrow its trying to figure out where my school is and the park that I can go running in and perhaps actually go for a run! Its late here so I am off to bed! Bonne nuit.

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