Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wait... where am I?

Fascinating what maps can do for you... if you know how to read them! If not, the possibilities are endless of where you might end up! Today I journeyed out on the town to try and find the school that I will be attending starting tomorrow. The funny thing about streets...they are quite long and when you ask the Metro Lady which line to take to the rue de raspail... do not listen because you will end up at 261 rue de raspail and not 38 rue de raspail and you will be forced to walk. However, the wonderful thing about walking is that you can see everything and stop when you would like. I came across a street market and treated myself to a chocolate croissant and luckily this market took me from 110 to 95 on the rue de raspail such a good way to waste quite a few blocks. Finally I found my school and then was faced with the question of how to get home. I found the nearest bus stop, made sure it was going in the right direction and plopped myself down, opened my chocolate croissant and waited. When the bus finally came I had made sure to write down key places to look for near my school (in my little black book...thanks honey) so that I would know when I returned that I was in the right place. I hopped on the bus and was on my fact I was so thrilled with myself and my successes for the day that I went too far on the bus and ended up being asked to get off it because we were at the last stop. Somehow I found my way home though and I am pretty sure that I will be able to find the school tomorrow. Just in case though I will be leaving an hour early. Well I am off to dinner with a friend from CSU who has been here studying for a year. I will be sure to write again with tomorrow's adventures. À bientôt!

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