Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paris by Day...

Class starts at 9am, it takes 10-15 minutes on the metro to get to my school and yet I find myself hauling ass (pardon-moi) across the Champs-Elysees at 8am trying to make it to my class that I'm not even late to. Why? I am missing Paris at 8am...its finest hour... the homeless are still in whatever Metro stop they slept in, there is no one on the streets, the air cool and crisp, and it smells of fresh espresso and warm croissants. Cliche, I know, but its true. Its a time of day to be cherished. Furthermore and unfortunately, they make the easiest form of transportation underground where, let's be honest, the scenery and smell is not as pleasant. Luckily as said before I am only on the Metro for about 10-15 minutes. Then the rest of my morning until about 1:00pm I spend at school where, IN THE CLASSROOM, there is natural light and windows (something american girls and boys only dream of). :) I have two classes each day and both are very hard; I question at times whether it is in fact french... After school, I have the afternoon to myself to go to Museums, shop, or just relax. I spent this afternoon mapping out how to get to each museum from my school and I think that I will try to visit one tomorrow or Friday. However Saturday is what I am really looking forward to this week, a friend and I are going antique shopping... I will be sure to tell you of all the goodies I buy! The food has been great, my host mom is quite the chef... tonight we had fresh sausage, potatoes, and salad! She has also introduced me to a little something called Fromage Blanc, she said is their equivelant to Cottage Cheese in the US... its nothing like it. More like a yogurt... but cheese and when you add sugar it is amazing! Anyways, again I am up too late and must be off to bed. A bientot!


  1. Please go to all the museums for me and take lots of pictures! Sounds like you're loving Paris, so jealous :]

    <3 Moe

  2. Adrienne, I am so jealous right now! lol. Cant wait to see your pictures! How long are you going to be over there-I need to win the lottery so i can come visit ;)