Monday, June 6, 2011

Lost in Translation...

Of course I get the one fashion designer who is nice and completely trusting that I can sew her garments, rather than the mean one who would just ask me to grab her coffee! I know, its not a bad thing... but I spent the whole day today sewing (yay!) and it was a little intimidating, thats for sure. I started this morning at 10:30 and within 20 minutes had a seam ripper in hand and was proceeding to fix a garment with a tear! AH! Talk about scary. All of her clothes are made in her shop, hand finishes, pattern making by hand... Its incredible to see all the things I learn in school actually being used in the real world! It is just Jasmin (the designer), myself (the intern), and her one employee, Selene. Both of them are very nice and so helpful! However, because I don't know fashion terms in french yet, I find it hard to understand everything they are saying and when Selene and I were talking to eachother today there were definitely a few "lost in translation" moments...eyes wide, mouth slightly open, and that look of complete confusion that falls over one's face. It was definitely a challenging and semi-exhausting day, but I can't wait for tomorrow.

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